trains young professionals and connects them to the right companies

Codelex was founded in 2019 with the aim of preparing people for the programming profession.

Codelex founder Sandris Artemjevs has participated in countless job interviews with graduates from various courses and universities during his time as a programmer. But often the question asked is: "Will you teach me how to code?" 

This was the main reason for Codelex, helping both people who want to become programmers and companies that need knowledgeable and talented employees. Combining all of this has created a win-win model, where we are interested in providing quality training to students, and students are interested in learning without worrying about wasted time or poor quality service.
Thanks to this model, Codelex has been successfully operating in the sector for three years now, growing its reputation not only among learners but also among companies. In that time, we have helped more than 180 graduates find jobs and the companies where our graduates work are asking for more young professionals.

Sandris Artemjevs CODELEX programmēšanas skolas dibinātājs

Sandris Artemjevs

Codelex founder and programmer with 10+ years of experience.
🚀 Purpose

Our goal is to become the link between companies looking for creative professionals and aspiring professionals ready to take their careers to new heights.

Interview with a Codelex graduate

About career changes, the learning process and useful tips for beginners.

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