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Yes, really free - no bank card details, hidden fees or prepaid equipment.

How does it work?
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At Codelex you can learn HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJS, React, PHP, Java, C#, web-development programming principles, various development tools and their practical application


2-week Guided Courses

Get an insight into the profession and find out if programming could be your thing.



Intensive course

Complete an intensive coding course and get yourself on the job market.

Pay when you start working

programmētājs apgūst bezmaksas programmēšanas kursus

Interview with a Codelex graduate

About career changes, the learning process and useful tips for beginners.

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How does it work?



Choose the right programming course and apply. Once you enter your email address in the application form, you will get access to the test homework.



To access the free classes and other programming courses, you must successfully complete the first homework. You will find learning materials for different levels in your profile.


Free programming courses

Once you've successfully completed the homework, you can sign up for a free introductory course - we'll work through the challenges together during the online sessions and answer questions about coding and the pros and cons of the profession. These courses will help you see if you're ready for the Intensive Course.


Learn more

To learn programming, you will need to spend 3-6 months full-time in the Intensive Course. From us - structured learning materials, support and activities. From you - the passion and desire to learn!


Jobs Offers

We help graduates of the Intensive Programming course get started in their new careers by selecting companies where Codelex students would feel welcome and valued. More than 90% of our graduates have started a career in the profession.


Payment for training

You will only have to start paying for your training once you have found a job and your salary is at least €1000 after tax. The fee for the Intensive Programming Course will be 20% of your salary for the next 24 months. However, if you do not become a high earning professional, you will not have to pay anything!


Advice and assistance

It is in our interest to create excellent professionals and to provide excellent employees who are ready to continuously develop and grow. That's why you'll still have the support of the alumni community when you start your career.


We are proud of each and every one of our students, which is why we are happy to share alumni feedback after graduation and when they start their careers.

Codelex delivered on its promise! Less than three months after starting the course, I received two job offers.

Rudolfs Logins

The courses are very intensive and there is a lot to do at home. It's not easy, but when you are equipped with all the materials you need and almost 24/7 help, I guarantee it's worth it!

Nils Kūla

In short - the first and only programming school in Latvia that can truly call itself an analogue of the foreign Coding Boot Camp.

Martins Akermanis

As some people write here, free days and nights are devoted to homework and improving theoretical knowledge... and sometimes to sleep. 😄

Ketija Krista

You will feel that no lecture and no homework is a waste of time. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Jekaterīna Saliņa

Codelex taught me how to code to the best standards and helped me find a job after the course. Promise fulfilled 100 percent.

Dāvis Neimanis

Codelex izpildīja solīto! Nepilnus trīs mēnešus pēc kursu uzsākšanas saņēmu divus darba piedāvājumus.

Rudolfs Logins

Kursi ir ļoti intensīvi un mājās ir jādara daudz. Viegli nav, bet kad tiec apgādāts ar visiem nepieciešamajiem materiāliem un tikpat kā 24/7 palīdzību, garantēju, tas ir tā vērts!

Nils Kūla

Īsi un konkrēti – pirmā un vienīgā programmēšanas skola Latvijā, kas tiešām var sevi saukt par ārzemju Coding Boot Camp analogu.

Martins Akermanis

Kā jau te daži raksta, brīvās dienas un naktis tiek veltītas mājasdarbiem un teorētisko zināšanu uzlabošanai.. un dažreiz arī miegam. 😄

Ketija Krista

Tu jutīsi, ka neviena lekcija un neviens mājasdarbs nav laika izšķiešana. Viegli nebūs, bet tas būs tā vērts.

Jekaterīna Saliņa

Codelex man iemācīja programmēt atbilstoši labākajiem standartiem un pēc kursiem palīdzēja atrast darbu. Solījums izpildīts uz visiem 100.

Dāvis Neimanis

More than 250 Codelex graduates have already started their careers as programmers

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Codelex has been helping people change careers and become high-earning professionals since 2019.

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Our graduates successfully pass the interview process for various level positions in most Latvian IT companies.

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