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Looking for programmers to enhance your team? Codelex is your gateway to extraordinary developers ready to elevate your projects to new heights.

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Why Codelex Graduates?

Accelerate Your Growth

Empower your team with Codelex graduates. Each has mastered essential skills through an exhaustive 6-month training program, ensuring they are not just job-ready but primed to excel from day one.

Cost-Effective Expertise

Optimize your budget without compromising on talent. Our Codelex graduates offer premium development skills at a competitive salary range of 10-15 EUR/hour, blending quality with affordability.


Ease your hiring process with our EU-based talent. Our graduates are EU citizens, streamlining their integration into your team and bypassing the complexities of international work permits.

What our clients say

The cooperation with Mikus is very good. He is open to learning, interested in improving in IT and passionate about his work. Within a year, Mikus has gone from being a junior programmer just starting out in IT to a colleague you can turn to for programming advice

Ilze Tenase
General Manager

We have three Codelex graduates in our Vendon team and we are delighted to have them on board - very progressive and motivated young people who are a pleasure to work with!

Zane Saleniece
HR Lead

We have had positive experiences with Codelex graduates and have been able to quickly find potential candidates for the vacancy.

Alex Beloglazovs
Founder & CEO

Why Codelex Graduates?

Dive into Our Diverse Talent Pool

Discover the ideal candidate for your team in our extensive pool of experienced developers. Each professional in our network is ready to bring their unique skills and insights to your projects.

Assured Technical Excellence

Rest assured, every Codelex graduate has been rigorously vetted for their technical expertise. We ensure they possess not only the knowledge but also the practical skills required to meet and exceed your project demands.

Complimentary Access to Premier Talent

Enjoy free access to our exclusive roster of skilled graduates. This is your opportunity to connect with exceptional developers who are eager to contribute to your next success story.

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We understand that finding the right talent for your team is a crucial decision, and you might have more specific questions about how Codelex can help. If the FAQs didn't cover all your queries, or if you'd like to discuss your specific needs in detail, we're here to help.

What specific programming languages and technologies are Codelex graduates trained in?

Codelex specializes in training graduates in four main learning paths: Java, C#, PHP, and Web development.

How does the hiring process work with Codelex graduates?

Employers can follow their usual hiring procedures when considering our graduates for positions. Codelex does not impose any specific requirements, allowing for a seamless integration into existing hiring processes.

Can Codelex provide case studies or examples of successful placements?

We are proud to highlight that Codelex has successfully placed 400+ graduates in the IT industry. Our success rate stands at an impressive 90%, underscoring the effectiveness of our training programs in preparing graduates for successful careers in the field.

What kind of support does Codelex offer to companies after a graduate is hired?

Codelex is committed to providing ongoing support to companies that hire our graduates. Our dedicated mentors are available 24/7 to offer assistance and guidance to working graduates, ensuring a smooth transition into their roles.

Are there any long-term contractual obligations when hiring a Codelex graduate?

Codelex commitment is only with graduates. The whole Codelex tuition fee model is focused on one thing - the student has to become a programmer after the training. Otherwise, we at Codelex earn nothing.

How does Codelex ensure the quality and reliability of its graduates?

Codelex ensures graduate quality through a rigorous selection process. Candidates complete pre-coursework, an introductory course, and a thorough interview. Only successful candidates are admitted to our Intensive Programming Course, with a commitment to full-time study and no concurrent employment.

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