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Codelex trains Java, C#, PHP and Web developers - we offer free cooperation to attract new professionals to your company. Our graduates are working in companies in Latvia, Sweden, Norway & other EU countries.




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How does the selection process work?

To get into the Codelex Intensive Programming Courses, you have to go through an extensive selection process consisting of several steps.



After registration, you need to do your homework - it's a simple online coding course that anyone can do. But the biggest drop-out is here, because most people expect Codelex to be something like a classical education institution, where they can glide through without much effort. In contrast, we are interested in motivated learners, because only those who successfully enter the industry after completing the Intensive Course pay tuition fees.


Introductory course

Once a week, we organise a 2-week course where we work with students to learn the TypeScript programming language. Due to the large number of interested participants, the number of participants in the Introductory Course is limited to 50 participants, who are selected on the basis of the amount of homework and the result. During the 2-week course, participants learn the basics of programming - variables, functions, arrays, loops, etc.



After successful participation in the introductory sessions, the student has the opportunity to apply for the Intensive Programming Course. Once the form is filled in, an interview with Codelex representatives follows, in which the motivation to learn and become a programmer is assessed, as well as the results of the introductory sessions - what was done on one's own, with the help of the tutor, etc


Intensive course

If the interview is successful, the student is offered a place on the Intensive Programming Course and is informed that they need to free up as much time as possible - it will be very difficult to combine studying with work. The student is also given the learning materials to start preparing for the training.

How do we learn?

The lessons are 10-14 hours per week with a tutor. This is complemented by lots of independent work with strict deadlines and tutorials when needed. The workload is heavy and cannot be combined with a full-time job, which is why Codelex is only chosen by interested students who really want to learn programming.

Each training group has its own trainer, who is motivated to get all his students started as programmers.

Sometimes we get the question - how much can be taught and learned in a few months? The answer is simple! Enrolment homework + Induction course + Preparation for the study group + intensive training of at least 40 hours per week for ~3.5 months is enough to get you off to a good start and add value to your employer.

Cooperation with Codelex

The process of working with Codelex is simple - we find out what the company needs and add the company's details to a list of potential employers. About once a month, we introduce Codelex students and graduates to potential employers. The company receives vetted and job-ready candidates in their email. Without any commitment or hidden fees. It is in our interest to provide good jobs for our students.

We would also be grateful for suggestions for teaching or feedback on candidates in interviews.

Programmēšanas skolas vadītājs

Help with selection

The selection process can involve different models of cooperation. We can assign a technical homework prepared by your company to test the students' abilities, or we can invite several candidates to complete a technical assignment in your office. There are many options!

The Codelex team has a wealth of knowledge in IT recruitment processes and we will be happy to help beyond the Codelex learner selection process,

Codelex training programmes

Codelex's intensive programming courses are divided into four streams - Java, PHP, C# and Frontend. In all groups, we focus on coding and problem solving, and thanks to this, students are often ready to jump into other languages and projects such as Flutter, Ruby, iOS, Android development, or become a PHP programmer after learning C#, etc. All students understand that they will have to learn a lot and work hard!

Payment for training

The whole Codelex tuition fee model is focused on one thing: the student has to become a programmer after the training. Otherwise, we at Codelex earn nothing.
Once a student has a job, they pay part of their programmer's salary for the training. As an employer, this does not impose any burden on you - everything is requlated by the labour market and even the salary is negotiated individually with each candidate without our involvement.

Codelex training programmes

We are interested in strengthening the abilities of each graduate after graduation and contributing to IT education in Latvia. Recently, we have launched additional training courses that are free of charge for all Codelex graduates. Employees of other companies are invited to participate for a reasonable fee.

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