Give Your Business a Global Advantage: Expand to Latvia Today

Latvia is one of Europe’s most promising and profitable business destinations, especially for businesses that require IT expertise. If you are considering offshoring or opening a branch in Latvia, get in touch with Codelex. Codelex has guided multiple companies through the process from start to finish, by providing you with the information and the resources you’ll need to enter the market and take full advantage of everything Latvia has to offer.


Why Choose Codelex?

Access to Top Tech Talent 

Latvia is home to more than 6,500 national and international tech companies. With a strong focus on ICT education and infrastructure advancement, there is no better destination in Europe to find highly qualified, affordable, English-speaking IT professionals. With our strong network of experienced developers, engineers and IT specialists, any IT business can find a home here. 

Competitive Costing

Thanks to a favorable exchange rate, Latvia offers international businesses exceptional talent at highly competitive rates, without compromising on the quality of work. Your business can access software engineers and developers for a fraction of the cost of developers in the US or Western Europe, freeing up revenue to invest in other areas or to scale up operations and gain a competitive edge. 

Expertise in the Latest Technology

Whether your business focuses on web development, mobile applications or more specialized software solutions, Codelex has you covered. As a coding school, we have access to a wide network of professionals, companies, contacts and qualified developers that we can recommend to you. 

Perfect Seniority and Cost Hiring Strategy

As a business, you need to strike a balance between your budget and the skills you need. Codelex’s wide network of contacts means we can put you in touch with companies, teams and individuals that can take your business to the next level, whether you are looking for senior staff or more cost effective juniors, or a blend of both. 

Strategic Hiring, Based on Experience Levels

We want you to set up branch in Latvia! Codelex will provide junior-level developers at no cost. You can harness and develop their potential without any upfront expenses. And unlike many other offshoring companies, we only charge 10% of the candidate’s annual gross salary for mid-level positions and higher. No hidden fees, no hidden surprises. Just the skills you need at a fair cost. 


 An entry-level position where individuals with limited professional experience in the field work on development tasks.

Salary Range:
€1000 to €2000 per month


Experienced professionals proficient in specific programming languages or frameworks who work on complex projects.

Salary Range:
€2000 to €4000 per month


Highly skilled experts with extensive experience in a particular domain or technology, contributing to advanced development projects.

Salary Range:
€3000 to €5000 per month

Lead Developer / Technical Architect:

 Individuals with limited professional experience but entrusted with leadership responsibilities, overseeing technical aspects.

Salary Range:
€3000 to €7000 per month

Junior HR Specialist/Assistant

Entry-level position supporting HR operations with limited experience.

Salary Range:
€1000 to €1500 per month

HR Specialist / Generalist

Mid-level professionals with a few years of HR experience handling various HR functions.

Salary Range:
€1500 to €2000 per month

HR Manager

Senior-level position responsible for overseeing HR operations and developing HR strategies.

Salary Range:
€2000 to €4000 per month

HR Director

Executive-level position leading and making strategic decisions in the HR department.

Salary Range:
€3500 to €5000+ per month

 Note that figures are approximate and may vary between candidates.

Contact Codelex today to find out how we can assist you in launching your branch or new development center in Latvia. Our team of experts are always happy to provide you with detailed information, to answer your questions, or to guide you through the process. 

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Codelex is passionate about IT and passionate about Latvia! Let us help you experience the benefits of the Baltics first-hand!